The Project Fox

We Do Business

We Get It

Real People

Real People

We have experience. In web design, in business, in SEO, and most importantly, in keeping your blood pressure down. You can pick up the phone at any time, and call our real numbers. Not an answering system where you're playing button roulette trying to get a human, we're talking the same number we call to order our pizza with.
Trustworthy Service

Trustworthy Service

We don't play business. We won't guarantee you the number one listing on Google, for just $99.99. We won't try and wow you with our knowledge of acronyms, or use fluffy buzzwords. We'll figure out the problems, and figure out how to make them go away. We won't run around trying to put out fires, we'll make sure that those fires never start.
Actual Solutions

Actual Solutions

We'll work with you to get what you want done, but if what you want makes no sense, we'll help you figure it out too. We promise not to let you flounder around and make lateral moves. We'll even train you in the things you'd like to know, so you can make real decisions instead of just throwing out words hoping you know what they mean.

What We Do

We DO NOT: "Leverage microsegments to motivate the category leadership."


We have experience in website design, development, SEO, and web commerce. We can help you decode all sorts of plans, offers, and management strategies that you may not know what is meant by, as well as building you a website from scratch, or simply managing your existing one.


From strategy to employee hiring and training, we can help you figure out the best way to do things, and help you do them. We don't have a one-size-fits-all solution, we'll work directly with you on any problem, no matter how particular or complex.


The Project Fox has years of marketing experience. We can help you, and we do it all without speaking fluff. We can start at the bottom, or take over you existing marketing, or simply just consult, but our focus is always on the results, not the process, and we'll take whatever road we need to get where you want to be.


We offer one on one training for any area you're stuck, and consulting for when you just want an outside perspective. We can help in almost any business area, and can train you in all the things you need or want to know. Don't want training? No problem, we can always just take over the issues ourselves.