We Are Not Vendors

We do not: "Seamlessly underwhelm resource-maximizing growth strategies."

We are not “vendors

Daniel James

The Money Guy

Daniel James

Dan is our token curmudgeon. He is the least technical person in the company and trying to explain to him the difference between a modem and router would be like trying to convince you to send me a check for $40,000 right now just because I think I’m amusing.
So why do we keep him around? Because Dan’s strengths lie in 4 areas. Figuring out what you actually need by asking smart questions and being a very serious listener. Coming up with extremely clever financial plans that get you what you need without leaving you gasping in debt. Understanding financials, numbers, banking and accounting in a way that allows for you to have a view of your company as you have never had it before and finally by being really good at taking my geeky technical stuff and explaining it to normal people like yourself. It also doesn’t hurt that he can think his way inside, outside and around business problems like a fox. From going through ratios, profit and loss, balance sheets to coming up with compensation plans for commission employees that everyone can actually live with to helping the sometimes overwhelming technicalities of buying another small business to add into yours or selling yours when you are ready to change directions Dan is a small business problem solver. Sounds like a super hero huh? Well he has his flaws. He’s terrible at writing me emails (he thinks I can read his mind) and he absolutely HATES it when people bully and take advantage of someone. Particularly when someone is trying to be a decent boss and the employee is running over them.
Quote of the Day: "This is the best grocery store in the world. Do your shopping and get a beer at the same time"

Jennifer Adelman



Jennifer Adelman.

I’m our token woman. I also happen to be the boss but that’s more or less a technical thing. I don’t work with people I don’t trust which means that every person in my company is someone I consider my peer and my partner. They couldn’t do it without me and I couldn’t do it without them. The Project Fox was my baby originally. I sold my business because I could not work 90 hours a week and raise two young girls. During my years as a small business owner I had made many connections and, as I was looking for my new direction in life, people kept asking me to solve problems for them. One day I looked up and I realized that I was working full time and I was doing it for people just like me and I was doing something that I loved.
I’m a jack of all trades. I hate being bored and that means I love solving problems. Back when I was in my 20’s at my first job out of graduate school my boss needed someone to be their OSHA safety manager. I was the new kid. I got handed a bunch of books and a hard hat. I had never even heard of OSHA. I read all of the entire set of manuals. No joke. I organized the material data safety sheets, wrote up evacuation procedures (I took OSHA a little too seriously back then) and then I devised a silver recovery system to get back some of the material that was being lost in the plant.
I love research and end up knowing a scary amount about a lot of random things. My father had a rule when I was growing up. No matter where I was or what I was doing I had to be able to say three intelligent things or ask 3 intelligent questions of the person next to me. So I may not play golf but I can talk to you about Q school and I might not be a brain surgeon but I’m happy to discuss the difference between the pons and the medulla oblongata. Learning, solving, creating, building, helping – those are what I live for.
I’m highly technical and can program, build websites, operate the entire Adobe Suite (after all I started back when it was PageMaker, Quark and Freehand). I am a designer. I can run wires through your ceiling panels, create organizational charts to streamline your manufacturing process…and I can be there and help you move equipment when it comes time to put things in place.
All that reading and researching make me the perfect person for search engine optimization and websites. After all the rules keep changing, you always have to be on top of the next technology and you are constantly learning. I do a lot of writing, from social media to marketing materials, to websites. I am Google SEO and SEM (SEM is the paid part of Google) certified. I’ve discovered that most small business owners know that they need marketing help, website updating, you’ve heard of SEO – but it’s so hard to tell a con-artist from an honest individual in this field that is truly difficult to know who to trust. I can tell you that you can trust me…because one of my flaws is that I can be brutally blunt. It’s not that I intend to be mean when I tell you that your website is a disaster…it’s just I want to get to fixing it…and if you do want me to explain it to you I will be happy to…just as long as you are happy to listen because I love teaching. I’ve been told once or twice that if you ask me what time it is I might just tell you how to build a watch. On the other hand, I can promise you that it will be a watch that works, that does its job, that is fairly priced and you’ll never feel like you got a cheap knock-off.

Quote of the Day: "No. I am not wearing a coat that looks like a sofa."

Colin Gauvin


Colin Gauvin

Colin is our token young person (under 30). Unlike Dan, whose wheels never stop turning, or me, always looking for the next best way, Colin simply solves problems. His motto seems to be “the answer is Yes”. As in…” Hey Colin can you…?”. “Yes”. Colin just gets stuff done. Like Dan and myself he loves problem solving but unlike Dan and I he is less interested talking about the 3 best ways to do something and simply wanders off to solve the problem in a 4th way that we didn’t think of. Colin is, perhaps, the most technical of us. I have broader technical experience but he has deep and specific experience. Colin is also the quietest of us. His girlfriend’s name is Mary but it took me a while figure out because he is the strong silent type. Colin is a very good balance for Dan and I because he is highly organized in his approach to handling technical matters. Just like Dan couldn’t put a decimal out of place Colin sets out to learn something, arranges his goals, learns deeply and well and then applies it directly to the problem at hand. His strong research abilities make him the perfect person to help you both choose things (like what is the best CRM system for you) and his strong value on saving money means that the system he finds will likely be not just the best choice but the least expensive. That and his ability to understand, install it and make it work for you mean that you get the best thing for the best price. Actually usually I have to convince him to spend money…even on him. Email blow up? Router not working? PHP string arrays getting frayed? He may have it fixed before you finish explaining the problem.

Quote of the Day: "Yes."

We are not “vendors” – we are way to invested to be mere vendors.

  • We are not full of hot air.90%
  • We are not full of corporate speak.96%
  • We aren’t going to jerk you around..96%
  • We don’t lie.100%
  • We don’t cheat.100%
  • And Yes. We can fix that..97%